Fall 2019 Lighthouse and Choo Choo Tour

This years Lighthouse Tour was begun in Port Clinton, OH on Lake Erie and is our fourth Great Lake we’ve visited for Lighthouses. Those attending were Bill Trudo, Liz Fox, Clint Strever, Dave Scharenberg, Deb Smart and myself. We went to four lighthouses, South Bass Island, Lorain Pier, Port Clinton and Marblehead and also a visit to Mad River Railroad Museum, an outdoor museum that didn’t disappoint. Our first lighthouse, South Bass Island, began Saturday morning with a 20 minute ferry ride over Lake Erie and then a short walk to the lighthouse grounds. Our next stop was a quick drive to Bellevue, OH to tour the grounds of the Mad River and Nickel Plate Railroad Museum. After closing the museum and rescuing Clint from deep within bowels of a rail car because he was locked in, we drove up to Lorain, OH for evening and night shots of the pier head lighthouse there. The Lighthouse was lit up in Orange in observance of Halloween. The night ended back in Port Clint to photograph their pier head light. Sunday morning brought spotty rain showers, but we ventured out to Marblehead Lighthouse anyway. Even though the light tower was encased in scaffolding due to much needed repairs, the grounds were spectacular. The tower itself sits on a rocky shelf as close to the waters of Lake Erie as I’ve ever seen a lighthouse sit which adds to the beauty. The general consensus of the group is that we’ll definitely be going back there once repairs are finished.


2018 Fall Lighthouse Tour, Escanaba, MI

Here are a few photos of the SPS Lighthouse Tour to Marquette and Munising, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.  Marquette Lighthouse, Munising Front and Rear range Lights, Grand Island Lighthouse (abandoned), plus a couple of waterfalls near Munising were visited.  At the park in Munising, we did another cookout which was quite tasty.  Also, the fall colors were extraordinary.

Our first meeting is September 13.



Our First Meeting of the Season!!!



Thursday Sept. 13, 2018

“Intro to SPS & Competitions & Some Critiquing!”


This week is our FIRST meeting of the new 2018-2019 season & we

are excited to start back up! 


Come join us for an Intro to Sandwich Photographic Society as well as a How-To for competing(our next meeting is our first competition…be ready!!!)!  This will include some critiquing of images – SO BRING ANY IMAGES on boards or printed and digital (dpi) (please email them ahead of time to Bruce Van Pelt at bvp@indianvalley.com).  The club will offer critiquing and advice on how to compete & answer any questions!  (We will also continue critiquing throughout the year…stay tuned for that!)


Another incentive to be there are our first meeting…FREE RAFFLE!!!

If you’ve ever been to one of our meetings, you’ve seen how great our raffles are & what kind of money you can win!  This week’s raffle will be FREE (no money needed from members) & we will have 3 (yes, count ‘em, 3) winners!!!



Can’t wait to see you all there for some friends, food, photography, & fun!!!




Jennifer Hagemeyer 

cell or text 815-739-5248 jenartedge@yahoo.com


Sandwich Photographic Society ~ www.sandwichphotographicsociety.com

7pm Meeting 2nd & 4th Thursdays of every month in lower conference room at Valley West Community Hospital 1302 N. Main St. in Sandwich, IL 60548

Sandwich Fair 2017 Competition Categories

Because some have asked, and it is that time of year again, so here is the UNOFFICIAL list of categories for the 2017 Sandwich Fair Challenge. (I say "unofficial" because Jennifer Hagemeyer will release the categories officially with the rules, and flyers can be picked up at the Sandwich Fair.) 

For this year's competition, we thought we'd bring back a "greatest hits" from each year since we restarted the Sandwich Fair Challenge in 2011. With the exception of 2015, we picked 1 category from each year (2015 has 2). 

1). Motion (from 2011) 
2). Carnies (from 2012) 
3). Faces (from 2013) 
4). Oooohh, Shiny! (from 2014; thank Matthew Crowley for this one). 
5). Tails (from 2015) 
6). On Stage (from 2015) 
7). Stop Motion (from 2016) 
*NEW FOR 2017* 
8). Home Arts Building - Outside/Exterior (that's the Big Yellow Building and the center of the Fairgrounds) 
9). Farm At The Fair
10). Four-Legged Events
11). Rides
12). After Dark **NO RIDES** 
13). Selies At The Fair (This one is for fun, and is not for competition, but will be shown after competition). 

A Shot in the Dark by Bob Bannon

Image taken by Bob Bannon

Image taken by Bob Bannon

Last Saturday night being the first mostly clear night to photograph the Perseid Meteor Shower as Liz Fox, Bill Trudo, David Scharenberg and Bob Bannon headed into LaSalle County looking for the perfect spot. We met up in the tiny village of Harding at a cemetery which turned out to be across the road from a school with lots of security lights. Since there was too much light there, it was decided to try Shabbona County Park about a mile or so north. Jackpot! Dark, except for a waxing moon, secluded, good parking, and virtually no mosquitoes! We saw a few nice sized meteors to the south, a very nice and bright Iridium Flare before the clouds began moving in. We will definitely be going back to this park in the future.