Sandwich Fair 2017 Competition Categories

Because some have asked, and it is that time of year again, so here is the UNOFFICIAL list of categories for the 2017 Sandwich Fair Challenge. (I say "unofficial" because Jennifer Hagemeyer will release the categories officially with the rules, and flyers can be picked up at the Sandwich Fair.) 

For this year's competition, we thought we'd bring back a "greatest hits" from each year since we restarted the Sandwich Fair Challenge in 2011. With the exception of 2015, we picked 1 category from each year (2015 has 2). 

1). Motion (from 2011) 
2). Carnies (from 2012) 
3). Faces (from 2013) 
4). Oooohh, Shiny! (from 2014; thank Matthew Crowley for this one). 
5). Tails (from 2015) 
6). On Stage (from 2015) 
7). Stop Motion (from 2016) 
*NEW FOR 2017* 
8). Home Arts Building - Outside/Exterior (that's the Big Yellow Building and the center of the Fairgrounds) 
9). Farm At The Fair
10). Four-Legged Events
11). Rides
12). After Dark **NO RIDES** 
13). Selies At The Fair (This one is for fun, and is not for competition, but will be shown after competition).